My Favorite Restaurants in Manhattan

  1. Aahar

    10 Murray St. — Aahar is an Indian restaurant located in Tribeca. My friend Camilla introduced me to the restaurant, and it was one of our first bonding experiences. The restaurant atmosphere is very picturesque and the staff is very friendly. I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala Prix Fixe which includes: an appetizer, an entree and bread served with rice, raita, lassi and dessert. Everything was delicious!

  2. Baohaus

    238 E. 14th St. — Eddie Huang, a well-known food personality, opened up Baohaus with his brother Evan. And funny enough, my brother was the one who took me to this place, which is why it is one of my favorites. It serves Asian Fusion baos. The restaurant is your typical small & bustling NYC eatery. I would recommend the Birdhaus Bao but the restaurant is famous for its Chairman Bao.

  3. Bar Americain

    152 W.  52nd St. — This is the fanciest restaurant that I have been to, in Manhattan. It had to be on my favorites, especially because me and one of my best friends Kat shared a hilarious moment together at this restaurant over bottled Saratoga water. The food was 10/10 and I would eat there again if I had the chance.

  4. Black Tap

    529 Broome St. — Another restaurant that I experienced with Kat. We waited in a very long line for a very long time, but it was well worth it. This place is famous for its burgers and milkshakes and that is exactly what we had.

  5. Bocca di Bacco

    169 9th Ave. — I went to this restaurant for a birthday brunch and it was my first brunch in the city, which is why it has its place on my favorites list. This was a very nice place and has a fabulous selection on their brunch menu. Keep an eye out for brunch drink specials!

  6. Cafe Frida

    368 Columbus Ave. — I stumbled on this place while visiting the museums in Manhattan with my girlfriends and I was pleasantly surprised. Cafe Frida is a Mexican Restaurant, and a very good one at that. The guacamole is served in a molcajete and it is to die for!

  7. Harry’s Italian

    2 Gold St. — This family style Italian restaurant is located in the Financial District, and there are other locations. Harry’s made it on this list because the pasta was fantastic and it is another restaurant that Kat and I shared a meal at. I had the Bowtie Shrimp Asparagus & Tomato pasta. I usually hate asparagus with a passion, but this dish made me fall in love with that green vegetable.

  8. Hop Kee

    21 Mott St. — This family style Chinese restaurant is located in Chinatown and it always reminds me of my family. Every time we visit New York City we have a family style meal at this restaurant. It serves authentic, delicious Chinese food and feels very homey.

  9. Nom Wah Nolita

    10 Kenmare St. — I discovered this place with my little brother after an afternoon of shopping in SoHo, we were looking for dim sum and found something even better than what we were searching for. Nom Wah Nolita is a restaurant that serves a new take on traditional Chinese food. This place is most famous for its dumplings and dim sum options. I highly recommend their scallion cakes!

  10. Serendipity3

    225 E. 60th St. — This famous restaurant was a must visit for me the first time I visited New York City. I have tried every single flavor of their frozen hot chocolates and I do not regret one sip. The restaurant has a fun vibe, but beware as it does get very busy.

  11. Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles

    1 Doyers St. — This was the very first restaurant that Kat introduced me to my first time visiting her in the city. It is famous for their homemade hand pulled noodles and this dish lives up to the restaurant’s name. This restaurant is located in Chinatown and has been featured on the Food Network.

  12. Tim Ho Wan

    85 4th Ave — I discovered this place after meeting one of my favorite fashion & lifestyle vloggers, Jenn Im. It is located in the NYU area and I got some recommendations from a student while waiting in line with them. By the way, wait times are pretty ridiculous so call ahead or choose your time wisely. Tim Ho Wan specializes in Dim Sum and rice rolls.

  13. 99 Cent Fresh Pizza

    1723 Broadway — One of my favorite vloggers, Casey Neistat, mentioned 99 cent pizza in New York as one of his faves so when I visited the city with my family last summer we all enjoyed a slice. It is fast, cheap and something I consider one of those New York staple eats.


My Fried Avocado Taco Recipe

Hi Friends!

It’s always great to celebrate Taco Tuesday! In this video I share my recipe for fried avocado tacos. It is vegetarian friendly and so delicious, you won’t even notice that there’s no meat! The day I made these tacos, I learned what you need could be just under your nose. So be grateful for what you have and work with what you got! I guess that makes this Thankful Tuesday too then, huh?… :’)

-Irene 🙂

See ya’ll in the next one!