I Scream for Eye Cream … and Other Things!

When it comes to my skin care, the most important part of the routine is eye care. The eye area is the most fragile and sensitive part of the face. It also reveals a lot about a person. Dermatologists say that the skin around the eyes ages 5 to 10 years faster than other parts of the face. So if eye care isn’t part of your skin care regime, betta think twice!

The following products are my favorite for my eyes and staples in my skin care/make up collection. But before I get into that, I should explain what I look for and what I am working with. Typically I strive to achieve the dewy no make-up make up look so I really want an eye cream that moisturizes well. Other things I am targeting include: puffiness and dark circles.

Pro Tip: When applying eye cream it is best to use your ring finger because it is the applies the least amount of pressure therefore ensuring a gentle application.

  1. Origins Eye Doctor 

    Formulated with cucumber, rosemary and ginseng this eye cream does a great job of hydrating the eye area and combating dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. This was the first ever eye cream I ever used and it has a very special place in my heart. Aside from the soothing formula, the product applies and absorbs quickly into the skin and smells like a spa. I did notice a difference in the way my under eye looked and felt after using this product for weeks.

  2. Clinique All About Eyes

    One of my favorite ever boss ladies that I ever worked for recommended this eye product to me and I am so happy she did. It helps me grow and glow, what more could you need? This lightweight eye cream helps reduce puffiness and under eye circles all while giving the skin around your eyes the moisture it needs to thrive. It also goes perfect underneath make up.

  3. Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer

    After a very helpful and fruitful Sephora employee introduced me to this product, I have fallen absolutely in love with it. I use it as a color corrector and it also works as an eyeshadow primer. It is very light and really brightens up the under eye without creasing or caking up. This product helps me achieve the no make up make up look by keeping me looking fresh and bright eyed.

  4. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes 

    I absolutely love the idea of infusing the benefits of a BB Cream with an under eye concealer PLUS this product has SPF 15. It blends like a breeze and feels like you are wearing nothing, while still doing the job of concealing. When I wear this product people are surprised to learn that I am wearing concealer at all. It’s that good!


My first ever Colourpop purchase

Hello friends!

I know I am soo late to the Colourpop game, but the second I heard that Jenn Im was working on a Collab with them I HAD TO HAVE IT. So of course my first order was her Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection + some other lippies. Watch me unbox & swatch my order in this video.

Colourpop goodies I ordered:

– Jenn Ne Sais Quoi Quad
– “Dohee” Ultra Satin Lip
– “Dohee” Lippie Pencil
– “JennerationX” Lippie Stix
– “Dopey” Ultra Satin Lip
– “Dopey” Lippie Pencil
– “FrickNFrack” – Ultra Satin Lip
– “Cami” – Lippie Stix
& Birthday Boy which was a limited time gift

Unfortunately, these products are no longer available on Colourpop’s website, but they constantly come out with new colors and products on a regular basis. Check out what’s new at Colourpop here!

– Irene 🙂

See ya’ll in the next one!